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Joan Jett - Across The Board
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WILD ONES - the new album from Across The Board. Produced and recorded by MC2 Music Media in Toronto, Canada-- WILD ONES is a collection of guitar-driven indie rock songs with lush harmonies, catchy riffs and pensive lyrics presenting the story of the lone wolf who strives for independence but understands the need for a supportive pack--a safe place to fall. 



"Joan Jett” celebrates the greatest female “lone wolf” of all. As front-woman for The Runaways, Joan Jett became a female pioneer in the male-dominated world of rock music. She’s described as the Queen of Rock & Roll and the Godmother of Punk. Her band Joan Jett and the Blackhearts have left us with some of the most notable lyrics in rock music of all time—from “I love rock and roll” to “Crimson & Clover”.


We wrote Joan Jett after watching her recent documentary “Bad Reputation” and seeing how her career basically bisected the history of rock and roll from the 70s through to modern time. She has collaborated with some of the most iconic bands on artists in the world and has done this as feminist in the mostly misogynistic world of rock & roll.


Her story touches the core of our album—to be a lone wolf, independent, persevere at all odds—but understanding the need for a pack behind you. The lyrics in the song speak to Joan’s journey as an evolving artist—through her writing, her relationships with other artists and her tireless efforts to continue to make her mark on the world with her art—her music. We landed on “Crimson and Clover” – a cover of the Shondelle’s 1968 single that Jett released on her 1982 debut album for Joan Jett and the Blackhearts—as the hook for the song and a laid-back rock ballad as the scaffold. 


Rock and roll buffs and Jettheads alike will find all sorts of nods to Jett’s history in the lyrics of the song and those who don’t know her (although we can’t imagine who that would be) – might just meet her through the song.

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